Our Story

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Local startup Idea Jab™, of Overland Park KS, is making waves in entrepreneurship and education realms alike, with an array of new products & event experiences aimed at gamifying the ideation process, and modernizing the way entrepreneurship is both taught & learned in the classroom.

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The company got it’s start when Co-founders Matt Callegari and Alex Laughlin created a card game that helps players generate an endless supply of their own original new business ideas.
The duo posted the game on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, and after exceeding their funding goal of $16,000, packed their bags and headed to Philadelphia to share their product at the annual USASBE conference.
They not only sold out of their card game at the conference, but were so popular that attendees would line up each morning at their sponsor table, and wait hours to meet them and talk about their game.

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“The real magic of it all was that while at the surface we were simply talking to entrepreneurship educators, aka our target demographic” says Callegari, “we were actually getting incredible real world advice on how to grow our operations…
Because these are actual entrepreneurship professors from all over the world, many of whom are also entrepreneurs themselves, so we were both validating our ideas and scribbling down page after page of notes, as one professor after another would shower us with advice and new ideas to help us succeed.”
Idea Jab was such an enormous hit that when the conference was over and the duo touched down in Kansas City, they knew it was time to expand their operations and kick into ‘full startup mode’.

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Fueled by the collective wisdom of those entrepreneurship educators at the conference, the startup rapidly began expanding their operations into new markets and experimenting with new products and services including everything from new games and new physical products for the classroom to web applications and most notable, events.
While they’re not yet ready to unveil the new games and digital platforms their developing, they are all systems go in spreading the word about their event experiences, that they’ve branded Game Storms™.
Game Storms™ are a radical new take ideation events for both students and corporate teams, that feature a fast paced, action packed format not usually found in entrepreneurship or education circles. The experiences are centered around a large scale tournament style version of their card game that immerse participants in a fun and stimulating environment, as they compete and collaborate in teams to generate the best new ideas round after round.

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They partnered with the Independence School District to host their first Game Storm event, which took place last month with over 100+ high school students in attendance.
The event was a phenomenal success and led to many other school districts booking their own events as well as interest from several of Kansas City’s most renowned companies inquiring about corporate events.

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Despite the growing interest in their events, the duo says their master plan is much bigger than ‘one-off’ events and card games.
In May they plan to unveil what they’re “really working on” at an invite-only event being held at the Google Fiber Event Space on May 19th. “I don’t want to give anything away” said Laughlin, “but I will say that it beautifully connects technology with our event experiences… and does so on a scale that can benefit every high school student in the country like never before.”

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